Real-time biometric
identity verification

Verify ID’s in real-time and on-the-go with
the BVS web and mobile app.

Instant results

The BVS application versatile and user-friendly. The plug-and-play setup ensures that installation is simple and easy. The best part is, you’ll be able to verify any South African resident’s identity in real-time.

Return ID photo

Verify clients by matching an ID number to a fingerprint and retrieving the associated ID photo.

Web & Mobile App

Verify clients through the desktop or mobile application and a portable fingerprint scanner.

Real-time results

Receive real-time verification results and mitigate your risk of identity fraud on a pro-active basis.

Take on new clients with confidence.

By utilising biometric fingerprint technology, you ensure positive recognition of potential customers. The mobility that the BVS app provides means you can perform verification checks anytime, anywhere.

How BVS works

BVS integrates identity data that enables users to visually verify identities. Various finger print scanners are supported and the plug-and-play setup means you can get set up in no time. BVS is an EasyDebit product and consultants assist new clients and provide on-site support.

Step 1

Login the BVS app using your vendor  credentials.

Step 2

Enter an ID number and click on scan finger prints.

Step 3

Scan finger prints using an optical scanning device.

Step 4

Receive the associated ID photo and ID number.

Why use BVS

BVS is ideal for businesses who need to verify client IDs on-the-go. From courier and delivery companies to government departments, for companies who sign up clients with contracts in-store and off-site customer verification. BVS is a light-weight application that can be implemented in various contexts. Enable your sales-force and eliminate identity fraud with this fast, secure and reliable business application.

Fast and efficient

Simplify your client take-on by getting real-time results verification checks on the spot. No need for agents to go back to the office and check their new customers’ particulars.


BVS is used by companies of various sizes. Our clients include large corporations and integration is seamless. We can customise the BVS application to suit your business needs.
Too good to be true?

We’d love to show you how well it works. We will come to you.

App Download

The BVS mobile application is available from the Google Play store. You will have to sign up as a client to be able to use the app. Contact us to and we will supply you with an access code.
Contact us
Our friendly support team will get in touch with you. Whether you want to know more about the application, request a demo or get technical support, we are only a click away.

Phone:   011 866 0000

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